Extended Healthcare

(with travel insurance)

Employees today expect that an employer will provide comprehensive coverage for Extended Healthcare.

For most Canadians, access to medical services is available in any part of the country through the healthcare system. But, it doesn’t cover everything. That’s where private, or Extended Healthcare insurance comes in; it picks up where your government plan leaves off.

Employer-sponsored Extended Healthcare plans have experienced continuing cost pressure as the provincial medical plans cut back on services. Since GroupSource has been helping employers balance the needs of their employees and the needs of their bottom line for over 30 years, we strike the balance between allowing you to provide the Extended Healthcare elements employees expect, and keeping costs manageable for the long-term sustainability of your program. So, whether they need glasses, massage, physio or similar services, the services are there and covered.

As a Third Party Administrator, with our administrative flexibility and our in-house claims team, we build plans that fit your organization’s needs.

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