Terms of Service

Terms of Service Agreement

GroupSource Online Services Terms of Use

The following highlights some of your personal obligations (outlined in Terms of Use) regarding the use of this website and all GroupSource online resources. Please read these terms carefully, as by using the services provided online by GroupSource you will be deemed to have agreed to them. If you do not agree with these terms do not use the GroupSource online services.


  1. The personal information you have submitted and will continue to submit is your own, and you have used and will only use the Identification number (ID#) that has been assigned to you by GroupSource.
  2. You are not registering to use GroupSource online services on someone else’s behalf.
  3. You understand that the use of your GroupSource ID# and security credentials constitute your legal signature, and that you are responsible for all user transactions performed with your GroupSource ID# and security credentials, and you will keep your security credentials confidential at all times.
  4. You will notify GroupSource by telephone at 1-800-661-6195 within 24 hours of disclosure or any unauthorized use of your ID# or security credentials.
  5. You agree to uphold these and all obligations set out in Terms of Use and you understand that GroupSource has the right to withdraw your access to GroupSource online services immediately, in the event that any of the obligations set out in the Terms of Use are not met.

Your responsibility

  1. Read the Legal, Privacy and Terms of Use information.
  2. Do not select a password or security question that would be obvious or easy to guess.
  3. Your GroupSource ID# and security credentials are confidential; do not share them with anyone either deliberately or through carelessness.
  4. Change your security credentials from time to time.
  5. Do not leave electronic devices unattended when you are logged-on and using our online resources. Sign-out of all GroupSource services even if you are going to be away for a short period of time.
  6. Retain all relevant documentation for your transactions through GroupSource services for at least one year.

Our responsibility

  1. Keep confidential your personal information, transaction data, and activity records, except where required by law or when authorized by you [e.g. as required for the completion of your service requests], as outlined in our Privacy Statement.
  2. Keep confidential your security credentials and restrict all access to your credentials to you and you alone, except where required by law.

Terms of Use

Access to, and use of the GroupSource website and online services, are subject to the following terms and conditions which you are advised to read carefully. Using this site and any GroupSource online service constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with these terms, do not use this site or any GroupSource online service.

On this website and in this service agreement, the terms

  • “GroupSource” refers to GroupSource LP, formerly WSG Benefit Consultants
  • “you,” “your” and “the user” refer to you, the plan member of a GroupSource Group Benefits plan with access to this site and online resources provided by GroupSource
  • “we” “our” refers to GroupSource
  • “[online] service(s)” and “[online] resource(s)” refer to the websites, desktop applications, and mobile applications owned and operated by GroupSource
  • “[security] credentials” refer to the password, security question, and the answer to the security question that you have provided.

These terms of use apply to all transactions made within the groupsource.ca domain, including but not limited to, groupsourc.wpengine.com and online.groupsource.ca, by any electronic protocol [e.g. HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, FTP, SFTP], from any electronic interface [e.g. web browser, mobile app]. These terms also apply to the administration tool available at groupsource.websonline.ca and all resources available through the groupsourceonline.com domain.

Use of GroupSource online services

GroupSource authorizes you to use our online resources for informational purposes and to transact with GroupSource. The information and services available online are provided strictly for your convenience. You agree to comply with all of the Terms of Use set out in this document.

Use of Personal Identification codes

In terms of access to GroupSource online services, your personal identification codes include:

  • the unique plan member identification number assigned to you by GroupSource
  • a password, selected by you
  • a security question and answer, selected by you

You agree to comply with all written GroupSource instructions provided with respect to your identification codes, as well as with the following:

  • to keep your ID# and security credentials confidential at all times
  • to apply the highest level of care in using the identification codes to avoid theft, misappropriation, unauthorized access and unauthorized communication, and agree that this is a reasonable request
  • to notify GroupSource by telephone at 1-800-661-6195 within 24 hours of learning that your ID# and security credentials were disclosed to or obtained by anyone else, or that unauthorized use of the GroupSource online services may be occurring

The use of your GroupSource ID# and security credentials by you, or by any person with or without your knowledge or consent, binds you legally unless you have previously notified GroupSource that the confidentiality of your identification code has been compromised. GroupSource is not responsible for verifying the true identity of the person using your GroupSource ID# and security credentials.

Furthermore, you also accept that GroupSource is not responsible in any way for any loss or damage that may result, directly or indirectly, from a transaction made in accordance with request made by another person using your GroupSource ID# and security credentials.

User information

You agree that all information you provide to GroupSource in any connection with this site or our online services is true, accurate and complete in all ways, and you acknowledge that we may relay that information to authorized third parties to provide the products and service offered or administered by GroupSource.

Authorization and Declarations

You certify that the information contained in electronic claims submissions made through GroupSource online services, including but not limited to, this website and our mobile app, is true, complete, and accurate, and that each of the listed expenses was purchased and/or incurred in connection with medical and/or dental treatment of the declared individuals. You acknowledge that the submission of false or incomplete information may result in the delay or denial of submitted claims. You authorize any physician, dentist, or any health care provider and/or facility, any insurance company, benefit service provider, and any other person or organization having any medical or other relevant personal information regarding you or your spouse and/or dependents, to release to and exchange with the insurer, the group plan administrator or their representatives and/or agents, any and all information necessary to investigate and confirm the accuracy and validity of your claims, determine eligibility for benefits and/or administer the claims and group benefit plan. You confirm that you are authorized to act on behalf of your spouse and/or dependents for such purposes.

For claims submitted under a Health Spending Account, you declare that the dependents for whom the expenses have been submitted, if applicable, meet the definition of an eligible dependent under your Health Spending Account. You understand that any expenses that are reimbursed under your Health Spending Account may not be claimed for Income Tax purposes (Taxation rules differ in Québec). You acknowledge that your plan administrator may receive summaries of dollar amounts incurred for administrative and/or tax purposes.

If you choose to receive payment for approved claims by direct deposit, you confirm that the account information you provide is true and accurate, and that you are authorized to grant permission for Electronic Funds Transfer to and/or from the given account. You authorize GroupSource to make deposits to the provided account for claims reimbursement, and if necessary, make withdrawals from the account in such case that corrections may be required for overpayment of benefits. You agree to release GroupSource and the financial institution holding the account of all liability for any damages incurred for transactions made through incorrect account information you have provided to GroupSource.


All records of transactions through any GroupSource website or online service are subject to verification and acceptance by GroupSource. Such records, whether electronic or otherwise shall be binding on you for all purposes.

You must retain all receipts and other documentation for services rendered through a GroupSource website or online service, for a period of at least one year, except for original employee enrollment cards which must be kept indefinitely for beneficiary purposes in case of a death claim. If you fail to retain such documentation, you agree that in the event of a dispute with GroupSource, the GroupSource records will be accepted as correct.

Communications by electronic means

In addition to communications by voice and mail, you authorize GroupSource to communicate with you by fax, online notices, and electronic mail to your personal computers and mobile devices, at such numbers and addresses as you provide to us. We will not be responsible or liable for any loss or damages you may incur if you communicate confidential or other personal information to GroupSource by fax, or by other electronic means from any electronic device or service, or if GroupSource communicates such information to you by these means at your request or as a reply to a communication sent by you over the same channel.

Verification of communications

We may verify communications or the source of the communications before we accept them, but we are not obligated to do so.

Limitations and Exclusions

GroupSource shall not be responsible or liable for any harm or loss that you, or any other person, may suffer in any connection with your access to, or use of, any GroupSource online service. You agree and acknowledge that complete privacy, confidentiality and security is not yet possible over the Internet, and that since the Internet is not a fully secure method for the communication of information, your privacy and confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.

GroupSource believes that the information presented through our online services is accurate when it is posted; however, such information is subject to change and update at any time without prior notice. You understand and agree that GroupSource cannot, and does not, guarantee nor ensure the accuracy, completeness, nor authenticity of online information, site and service functionality, or your transmission of any information or instructions to, or from, the site or any GroupSource online service. You agree that neither GroupSource, nor any of its affiliated companies, nor any other person associated with the creation or use of the site and our online services, shall be liable or responsible to any person for any harm, loss or damage whatsoever that may arise in any connection with your use of the site and/or service.

You waive all rights that you may have to hold GroupSource responsible in connection with any other use of the this site or any GroupSource online service.

Based on the emerging nature of Internet transactions and related technology, you agree that these exclusions of liability are fair and reasonable, and that GroupSource would not have permitted use of the site or any of our online services by you, if not for your agreement with the liability exclusions and disclaimers set out herein.

You understand that the availability to you of this site and our online services is governed in part by your employer’s contractual arrangements with GroupSource and your continuing membership in the group benefits plan(s), which may change from time to time.

You understand that any such changes in availability shall be communicated to you by your employer and GroupSource assumes no liability for such communication or lack thereof.
GroupSource online services are not intended to provide a comprehensive explanation of your group benefits. You are to refer to your Benefit Booklet for more information, or contact your plan administrator or the person responsible for administering your benefits plan, to resolve any questions you may have requiring a detailed description of the benefits covered under your plan.

Change of these Terms of Use

GroupSource may change these Terms of Use and the services provided by this site and our other online resources from time to time. You will be required to agree to accept these changes on their effective date in order to continue using the services.

GroupSource has the right to rescind or discontinue your access to this site or any GroupSource online service at any time without explanation to you.


This agreement is governed by the laws of the Province of Alberta and the federal laws of Canada applicable therein.

This agreement is binding on you, your heirs, executors, and administrators.