What We Do

GroupSource provides high-value employee benefits products, turnkey implementation and ongoing plan management… from program setup and staff education, right through to claims payment.

Turnkey. Effortless!

The GroupSource team has been helping organizations like yours since 1982. We specialize exclusively in employee benefits and our client base of over 2000 organizations agree we’re really good at it. Here’s why:

  • One-stop Shop: We not only help you design your employee benefits plan, we also act as plan administrator, service department and claims manager for each of our client companies.
  • High-quality Solutions: We source the best-value products from an assortment of Canada’s top insurers, negotiate competitive rates and exclusive add-ons, and then manage it all for you from employee roll-out, to claims payment.
  • Cost-containment Focus: We use our expertise and insurer relationships to provide your employees with the very best products, at the lowest overall cost to you, their employer.
  • Maximize Value: No “Lowball this year, Hardball next year” tactics. We’ll tell you honestly what your costs will be to create (and maintain!) a quality program that’s sustainable for the long-term. No nasty surprises at renewal time.
  • Disability Management Team: GroupSource offers the expertise of our in-house disability management team to guide both you and your employees through the challenges of a disability claim helping you manage this often costly process, more effectively.
  • Local Experts, Industry-leading Service: Our team is available to act as a local contact to provide immediate expertise on any group benefits issue that may arise.
Learn how we can help you with your employee benefits.