Disability Insurance

Disability accounts for about 30% of the annual per-employee cost of benefits.

In some sectors, it can be much higher.

GroupSource focuses on ensuring your valued employees return to work as soon as possible, ready to take on the next challenge. There are several ways we’re delivering disability savings and making it easier for you to manage:

  1. Our commitment to stabilized premiums: Means an honest approach to pricing. Claims drive your costs so we’ll give you the straight goods on what it will cost to protect your people, now and in the future.
  2. Expert in-house Disability Management team (in conjunction with DMI, if applicable): GroupSource manages short-term disability claims, from initial assessment to final payment. That creates efficiencies both in cost and the effort required on the part of your benefits administration team.
  3. Fast claims turn-around: Managing short-term disability claims and payment in-house instead of through a third-party means quicker assessment and quicker turnaround of payments to your employees. And, we help with seamless transition to the insurance company for longer term disability claims.
  4. Early Intervention Programs: You need to concentrate on running your business, but the complexity of short-term disability (STD) and long-term disability (LTD) claims can steal your focus. Find out how to reduce your costs and get employees back to work faster.

Disability Management Institute (DMI)

Included as a valuable supplement to long-term disability benefits, DMI’s services address all aspects of an employee absence due to non-work related injury or illness. After just 5 consecutive days of absence, DMI can become involved to support the employer and the employee.

DMI Will:

  • Provide administrative claims management services
  • Manage communication with employers and key stakeholders for the duration of an absence
  • Provide confidential, personal support for employees and key stakeholders
  • Develop customized return-to-work plans, to allow an employee to safely work while recovering from injury or illness

Disability claims are often the most difficult (and expensive) process a company will face. With GroupSource, you have the expertise of our disability management team to guide you and your employees through the challenges of a disability claim.

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