The Federal Government is currently considering taxing employer contributions made to group health and dental plan benefits. At this time, health and dental premiums paid by employers are not taxable benefits for employees. With the proposed changes, employees or employers would pay tax on the health and dental benefits.

As individuals, as employees, as an employer and as a leader in the group health and benefits industry, we do not support this tax. We will be sending a strong message through our local Member of Parliament (MP), to the Minister of Finance, to the Prime Minister and through our industry associations that this planned tax does not meet the best of interests of Canadians.

If you do not support the Federal Government taxing private group health and dental plan benefits, please contact your MP and express your concerns. There is a formal petition site – – where you can find and submit a letter to your MP and the Minister of Finance.

For more information on this issue, here are links to articles by the National Post ( and the Financial Post (