Third Party Administration

What is Third Party Administration (TPA)?

A TPA (in our case) sources the best possible combination of products from different insurers to put together the best package to suit our client's needs. We then service that package to the best of our ability.

How are we different from other TPAs?

Our leading-edge systems enable us to take away the need for employers to administer their own benefits program. Administering a group insurance benefit program involves managing detailed, vital, personal information to legislated standards. You will no longer need the resources to manage the administration of your employee benefits program; we have you covered. We recognize that to survive and thrive, businesses require clear opportunities to focus on their core business activities. Effective and efficient plan administration is our core business.

What's involved in plan administration:

Employee record maintenance

We have knowledgeable, experienced and committed benefit administrators who update and maintain all employee records on an ongoing basis, with prompt replies to inquiries.

Designated support

Clients enjoy direct access to, and personalized service from, designated benefit administrators available to every employee.

Regular updates and reminders

We send you information and well-timed notices pertaining to beneficiary records, salary levels and employee coverage status.

Detailed reports and billing statements

Precise and detailed monthly billing statements, including volume of coverage and eligibility for "non-medical" limits, are always available on request and through our online services.

The benefits of effective plan administration:

Employee satisfaction

Employees can be confident that their proper coverage levels are in place, and the necessary information is accurately maintained and kept secure.

Reduced costs

There is no need to employ your own benefits administrator, as the individual who maintains the plan information will spend little time with unnecessary maintenance using our streamlined processes.

Reduced liability

Potential employer liability associated with administrative errors or omissions can be very costly. Rest assured.

Business focus

Less time spent managing your benefits program and employee records means more time to focus on your own business activities.


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