Personal service has been the cornerstone of our success.

We strive to maintain a strong team committed to providing the best possible service to our clients. It is our level of service that sets us apart from competitors, and it is our innovations that let us achieve those levels.

Advisor Services

A very select group of professional Benefit Plan Advisors have teamed with groupSource to provide exceptional service and stable premium costs to their clients.


Third Party Administration

What is Third Party Administration (TPA)?

A TPA (in our case) sources the best possible combination of products from different insurers to put together the best package to suit our client's needs. We then service that package to the best of our ability.


Claims Payment

groupSource has been adjudicating health and dental claims on behalf of partner underwriters since 1989.


Disabilty Services

At groupSource, our disability case management focuses on early involvement with the absent employee, in a caring, compassionate manner. The goal is to assist the employee to return to work in a safe manner as rapidly as is appropriate. 


Client Services

At groupSource, our aim is to provide highly responsive client service. We achieve this through our client services team who works closely with employers and their employees, our insurance partners, advisors and co-workers to provide reliable, unbiased information relevant to specific concerns and questions.


Employee Resources

Administrator Resources

Advisor Resources

News and Events

  • New Ownership
    2014 January - Calgary-based groupSource LP announces new ownership.
  • Bosco Homes...
    2012 February - groupSource is proud to support Bosco Homes' fundraising events, for the benefit...




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