Disabilty Services

At groupSource, our disability case management focuses on early involvement with the absent employee, in a caring, compassionate manner. The goal is to assist the employee to return to work in a safe manner as rapidly as is appropriate. 

Efficient and effective disability case management services are best achieved through the cooperative efforts of all stakeholders including the employee, the employer, the insurer, and disability case managers.

groupSource offers adjudication and case management services for Short Term Disability and Medical Absence benefits as well as facilitation services for Long Term Disability benefits.

Our disability services provide:

Manageable caseloads

per Disability Case Manager

Intense case management planning

as early as possible during the disability absence

Expert claim adjudication

including comprehensive telephone interviews with the employee and employer

Advance reporting

of longer duration claims for assessment of eligibility for Long Term Disability benefits. A separate claim application is not required.

Our unique advantage:

Team approach

with our clients and insurance partners for claim resolution

Clear, courteous communication

with the absent employee to support full understanding of claim direction and decision


claim referral process

Return to work

intervention and facilitation

Employee Resources

Administrator Resources

Advisor Resources

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