Bosco Homes Fundraising Commitment

2012 February -

groupSource is proud to support Bosco Homes' fundraising events, for the benefit of Alberta children and their families.

Bosco Homes is a significant groupSource client and has been with us for many years.

Traditionally, groupSource has in turn supported this important organization who specialize in helping children in need in many different capacities. Each year, Bosco Homes holds an annual silent auction and banquet to help add funds to support their programmes. groupSource had been participating by donating various items to help raise money for Bosco Homes.

However, four years ago, unsolicited, groupSource offered to fund 50% of the dinner costs and a new concept within the annual event was started. Each year since we have increased our commitment but better yet, Bosco Homes then approached other corporate partners and in 2011, there were five separate sponsors contributing to the success of the event. groupSource have also made a practice of attending the event.

In 2012 Bosco Homes will celebrate their 25th year of operation. They are one of the largest companies in the province providing services to the Alberta Association of Children and Families. Add to that, at each year's event, Bosco invites one of their previous children back to speak on how Bosco Homes helped them find their way and to what extent Bosco has changed their lives.

Dave Hickey - Executive Vice President


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    2012 February - groupSource is proud to support Bosco Homes' fundraising events, for the benefit...

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